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A Canadian Custom Designer and Manufacturer Serving You

Whether you’re in need of an aluminum, brass, bronze or copper plaque or sign, has you covered! We’re a Canadian custom designer and manufacturer of quality milled and embossed personalized solid metal signs, plaques, plates and other products. Plaques can be milled in braille and many different languages – choose any font that works and create a custom profile or business logo. We sell directly to the client and can make one or thousands of the product you require. Whether you need a bronze coyote added to an aluminum memorial plaque, an embossed bas relief image with details so real that you have to feel them or a custom badge representing a fond memory on the fender of your new Camaro, we love a challenge and have the tools necessary to turn your unfinished project into your next Picasso. We’re passionate about our work. Call/text or email us today to request a hassle-free quote!

Our plaques can be milled in most languages, including braille, and rush orders are available. We use only lead-free marine-grade aluminum and bronze and can custom make just about any project. Our machine capabilities range from less than a square inch to over eight feet long by close to two feet wide and over 12 inches thick! The standard thickness we use for 6061 alloy billet aluminum custom plaques is ½ inch, while the standard thickness we use for 954 alloy “jewelry” bronze custom plaques is 3/8 inch.

At, our many services include:

Custom Designs – It All Starts Here!

We use powerful computer-generated graphics for very accurate and detailed proofs. We provide you with a wire frame or 3D graphic colour rendering, where you’ll be able to actually see what the plaque will look like before it’s made. From here, we can change each and every aspect of the design until you’re completely satisfied with your personalized plaque. There are so many things we can do, including fancy borders, different sizes and profiles, double-depth embossed letters and images where one is placed over the other, bas relief images, the list goes on and on. Or you can choose to keep it simple – we do that too!

… And Then It’s Over to Manufacturing

Once you’ve approved the design and selected a material, we can start the next process of CNC milling your project into the artifact you envisioned. Our Vertical Mill stands almost 10 feet tall and has a capacity of about 2’ x 8’. We use special titanium-coated carbide cutters that give us the ability to offer plaques or projects with diamond chamfer facets or rounded corners small enough for each embossed letter and edge.

Graphic rendering - Finish product

Metal Plaques and Signs

  • Address plaques

  • Bas relief images

  • Bench plaques

  • Bronze memorials

  • Community plaques

  • Dedication plaques

  • Donor plaques

  • Grave markers

  • House plaques and signs

  • Medals

  • Memorial plaques

  • Not-for-profit signs

  • Peace keeper plaques

  • Pet memorials

  • Recognition plaques

  • School/college/university signs

  • Tree plaques

  • Cenotaph plaques

  • Memorial plaques

  • Military plaques and shields

  • Peace keeper plaques

  • Service animal memorials

  • Aluminum club plates

  • Automotive emblems

  • Billet badges

  • Caliper brackets

  • Car club plates

  • Corporate logos on plates

  • Custom engine parts

  • Custom interior parts

  • Dashes

  • Equipment ID plates

  • Man cave signs

  • Award plaques

  • Business billet logos

  • Business signage

  • Desk plaques

  • Door plaques

  • Equipment logo plates

  • Golf course markers

  • Name plates

  • Office signs

  • Recognition plaques

  • Retirement awards

  • Sign letters

  • Street signs

  • Union awards and plaques

  • Wall plaques

Special Features That Set Us Apart

When you call us, you’ll always speak directly to the artisan. Special features of our work include:

  • Our products are all manufactured and sold/shipped in Canada and elsewhere in North America.

  • Our powerful computer-aided design software allows us to give you, the creator, colourful graphic detailed renderings of your project to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

  • Our CNC robotic machining provides exacting tolerances and precisely what the customer orders.

  • We use special high-speed carbide titanium-coated tooling to give our customers a few unique options, such as diamond facets on the text and embossed features that look just fantastic when you want a reflective extra or super-smooth corner rounding for projects that require smooth contours.

  • Our finishes come in milled finishes, brushed finishes and polished finishes.

  • We have standard and custom borders and frames available.

  • Our paint comes in powder coating, DuPont epoxy enamel paint and airbrush.

  • We also provide 3D bas relief images, 3-axis milling, prototyping, media blasting, polishing and welding services.

Need Something Specific or in a Rush?

If you’re in a rush or require something specific such as a reflective finish, special fonts, two-sided plaques or creative artwork, we love a creative challenge. Please contact today to see what we have to offer and to get the design and manufacturing process started!


Address Plaques

One of our most popular items, the reflective option on the aluminum is second-to-none

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